Investment for improvement

Bantoo Investment Group invest in a range of areas with the aim of strengthening strategic sectors and encourage the next generation of Africans to flourish.




Africa's entertainment sector is florishing and African culture is setting new trends worldwide. The business potential is great and the sector is experiencing a remarkable transformation, which is why new strategic investments is key.


The fashion & textile industry is Africa's second-largest post-agricultural sector. Africa is about to become one of the next world fashion leaders, with an expected 42% increase in demand for African haute couture over the next 10 years.


Nigerian Nollywood is the second largest film industry in the world, producing more films than USA's Hollywood. Bantoo Investment supports the sector, as film industries all over the African continent expands rapidly.


Africa is rich in renewable energy sources, including hydro, gas, sun, wind and others. The time is right for sound investment to ensure the right energy mix for the future business opportunities ahead.


Extracting natural resources with a sustainable long-term approach by including factors such as social justice, environmental health and economic development will strenghten the future of the continent.


Africa could be 2-3 times more productive if it intensified its agricultural productivity. Bantoo Investment Group work with expert teams to bring new technologies and equipment to create added value for the African food industry.


There is a great need of developing infrastructure on different levels and in different regions. Bantoo Investment Group works with reliable and experienced partners to bring new capital and expertise.

Digital innovation

Bantoo is developing a world of separate digital solutions, giving users easy access to an ecosystem of new tools to facilitate the everyday and open up new doors for a brighter future. All in one place.


There is a massive demand for higher education in Africa, which Bantoo encourages by developing new information and communication technologies to accompany the talents of the new generation towards new opportunities.


Global network of partners

Bantoo Investment Group Energy Services is a partner of Altaaqa Global a pioneering international energy services business providing cost-effective integrated power solutions, expert project consultancy and advisory services, and flexible contractual and project financing arrangements (including BOOT) to a diverse range of industry sectors, including mining, oil & gas, manufacturing, cement, utilities and
process industries.

Altaaqa Global Energy Services is a wholly owned Zahid Group company. Headquartered in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the Zahid Group has over a hundred years of experience across 12 sectors. The Group represents more than 50 global brands and operates more than 30 companies in 18 countries.

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